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Giving meaningful digital skills to kids!

coding for kids

Digifunzi, the digital literacy program where Coding, Robotics, AI, Game Development, and Animation are just the tip of the digital iceberg! Our programs are designed to give kids between the ages of 5 and 17 a comprehensive and exciting introduction to the world of digital technology.

Learner Driven Approach

We allow kids to create their own digital experiences.

Safe and Meaningful Exposure

We create a safe environment for kids to explore the digital space.

Practical Digital Skills

We provide skills for exploration of the digital space.

Welcome to Digifunzi

At Digifunzi, we believe that the future belongs to kids who have the skills and knowledge to create, innovate, and solve problems in the digital space.

That s why we offer a wide range of coding programs, including Robotics, AI, Game Development, and Animation Design, to give kids the tools they need to succeed in the digital economy.

Enrolling your child in Digifunzi s program is an investment in their future. So why wait? Find a center near you and enroll them today!

What we Offer

Artificial Intelligence
Game Development
Animation Design
Technical Mentors
Detailed Curriculum
Learner Management System
Coding Competitions

How We do it

We understand that children of different ages have different learning needs and capabilities. Using Learning Science, we developed our curriculum to fit three age categories: Crib, Clicker, and Quest.


5-7 years

In this program, kids are introduced to coding through fun and interactive games and activities.


8-12 years

In this group, children learn to code using a variety of projects and languages.


13-17 years

Here teenagers will dive deeper into advanced projects and languages.

Featured Digi-centers

In partnership with top schools, we set up Digi centers where we offer our skill based curriculum suited to different skill levels. These centers provide a fun and interactive environment, the perfect place for kids to learn, experiment, and grow. Browse our featured centers below to see how were making a difference in communities!