coding for kids - July 11th, 2023

What is Digifunzi?

Digifunzi is a digital literacy program for kids between 5 and 17 years. The program aims at giving learners meaningful and safe exposure to the digital space. Digifunzi offers coding classes for kids to empower them to become creators in the digital age. We are on a mission to train kids to become creators and not just consumers of technology. Digifunzi uses coding as a tool  to develop natural abilities in kids. Through a project based and learner driven approach we nurture creativity, collaboration and leadership in kids between 5 and 17 years.

coding for kids - July 11th, 2023

Why Coding for African Kids?

According to the World Bank Africa has an opportunity to develop by participating in the Digital revolution. The digital economy is estimated at 15T USD and growing. The hope of Africa participating in the digital revolution is obtaining requisite skills for the digital economy. This explains why coding for African kids is an important discussion and deserves attention and allocation of resources.